Everything You Need to Know About Casino Comps

A casino has many secrets and tricks of the trade to keep people coming back for more. For some people, the glitz and glamour of a casino setting is enough to keep them attracted, and for others it is the intensity with which the games are played. Casinos do use another strategy as well in order to keep customers coming back for more and this so-called bait is called the casino comps. Get to know what exactly a casino comps is and how you can avail of a casino comps.

A casino comps is the short term for a casino complementary. The word complementary means that you get something because of your loyalty to a certain brand, product or establishment. In this case, it is the loyalty to the casino establishment. The most common casino comps come in form of food, beverages and casino hotel room discounts. The player usually gets a players card that looks like a credit card and this is where comps for slot machines for example are stored. The slot machine comps are simply credits that you can use instead of coins, while playing at the slots in the casino.

The casino comp can even go as far as free meals and beverages all the time including the royal treatment of a free room, free limousine and free airfare. You might be thinking that this is very excessive and that the casino is rather losing money, but you are wrong. The casino comps come only in these proportions when the player leaves huge amounts of money while playing in the casino, in short this person has to be a high roller in order to get these kinds of casino comps.

So, what exactly does it take to get casino comps? It is easy; you just need to prove the casino that you are willing to play hard and win or lose a certain amount in the casino. The pit boss is responsible for tracking your games and making you eligible for those casino comps. Once you are a member of the frequent players club, you will be getting mails from the casino containing invitations to special events or tournaments and even cash vouchers for certain games so that you will come back to the casino and play even more.

Casino comps are very tempting, but remember that the casino uses those comps to bring you back to the casino in order to play more, so you should always have a certain bankroll for the night at hand. Comps can be easily gained and used, thus giving you a more enjoyable time in the casino of your choice.