7 Signs to Look for in an Online Casino

Picking an online casino site to play in can be really tough. There's so many of them out there. How do you know when you find a good one? Here are some indications:

1 - Fast and responsive technical support.

If you can contact them by mail or by phone and get a quick response, it is an excellent sign. Don't play in an online casino with poor customer support. Send them a test e-mail or call them and if they do not answer soon enough or you are not satisfied with their response, don't play there.

2 - Fair wagering requirements.

Many casinos give you the feeling that they don't really want to give you bonus money. Often you are promised a big bonus money, say 100% of your initial deposit. Yet the fine print reveals stringent wagering requirements and limitations. You will have to wager a certain amount before you can stop playing. You may also find that just about all games you have a chance of winning, like blackjack and video poker, cannot be played to meet the wagering requirements. (Slots are often allowed as these are practically impossible to win.)

Look for an online casino with reasonable bonus money rules. Go for the casino with lighter wagering requirements, even if the bonus money itself is small. Also, make sure that your favorite games are not excluded from the bonus money.

3 - No registration for free use.

This does not happen often, but if you can play their games without registration, the online casino is worth checking out. Registration leaves you open to spamming from the casinos trying to get you to play for real money at their sites.

If you do register, make sure you use a minor e-mail account that you don't want filing up with junk mail.

4 - No popup windows.

After over a decade, some folks still don't get it: People HATE popups. But they are still there. If you find an online casino site without popup windows, good for you.

5 - Free stuff.

Hey, anything free is good! Freerolls, free sweepstakes, free tournaments, free money, free spins, anything! And the less required of you to avail of these free stuff, the better!

6 - Software compatibility.

A good online casino site should cater to users of all operating systems, browsers, and so on. If you use one of the systems in the minority, then you'll have to find an online casino that has software compatible with your system. It may be downloadable or built-in games.

7 - Highly recommended.

Listen to the voice of the experts in the business. If you go to gambling resource sites, check out which sites they recommend most. Don't just settle with one source as it may be biased. Look for an online casino that is approved by many credible gambling resource sites.

8 - Good payback percentage.

Online casinos have lower maintenance costs than their brick and mortar cousins. Further, casinos already have the odds in the games in their favor. So there is no need for casinos to give poor payback percentage. They will get your money anyway, so they can afford to be generous with their paybacks.

Online casinos are fun to visit and play at. Just make sure you pick the right one. If you look for the features mentioned above, you will soon find a quality online casino you can trust and spend your money on.