Jerry L. Patterson Talks About Casino Gambling

"Casino Gambling" is a gambling book written by Jerry L. Patterson. This book discusses the different games played in casinos which include blackjack, craps, poker, and roulette. Aside from these gambling games, Jerry L. Patterson has also devoted some chapters on other gambling topics such as Internet gambling and some games related to poker.

This edition of "Casino Gambling" is actually a revision of Jerry L. Patterson's book of the same title that was released in bookstores in the 1980s. This revised edition of "Casino Gambling" has more information than the original version.

As soon as you turn the pages of Casino Gambling, you will notice that the first part of this gambling book concentrates mostly on the game of blackjack. This is probably because of the fact that Jerry L. Patterson has been an experienced writer of blackjack. He has written blackjack articles and books in the past, which probably is the reason why he has found it easier to write a gambling book by starting his discussion of blackjack.

What we find touching about "Casino Gambling" is Jerry L. Patterson's move to pay tribute to the late notable people in the world of gambling, such as Harvey Oliver, John Painter, Richard Hoffman, Howard Kaplan, George Stanton, and Steve Heller.

There are some flaws, however, with the way Jerry L. Patterson has presented "Casino Gambling." What we have noticed is the fact that this gambling book includes details that have been reworded but have obviously been gathered from other sources. Perhaps, Jerry L. Patterson should have mentioned his sources in the acknowledgement section of "Casino Gambling." We believe that some of the notable people that Jerry L. Patterson should have acknowledged in the completion of his gambling book are E. C. Davis, Eddie Olsen, and Doug Devine.

There may be some flaws with regard to how Jerry L. Patterson has written "Casino Gambling." Nonetheless, the overall result of this gambling book is very satisfactory. We believe that Jerry L. Patterson has really prepared before writing this gambling book. Furthermore, we believe that before Jerry L. Patterson decided to revise his original book, he has already carefully planned the whole project.

"Casino Gambling" is absolutely an informative gambling book. You will notice this as soon as you read the introduction of this book because it includes information on every game housed in casinos. "Casino Gambling" even has a part wherein Jerry L. Patterson indicates the things that readers should expect in his gambling book. There is also a part of the book titled "How to Read This Book," which will further guide readers with regard to the proper way of reading "Casino Gambling."